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Why does mteSA need this information?

In the event of an accident or incident, mteSA will ensure that your emergency contact and next of kin are informed so that they can be there to support you. 


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You can skip this field if you cannot identify a next of kin.

Why does mteSA need this information?

If you are commencing an apprenticeship or traineeship with us, mteSA will work with relevant Government Departments and Vocational Education Training providers to get you started.  Eligibility criteria can apply to traineeship and apprenticeship programs.  Your educational background, including your USI, support mteSA to do the administration for you and help you to participate in these programs.


If you are entering into a building and construction industry trade, you may require a CITB Number.  If you need support with this, please contact your Field Officer who can support you Apply for a CITB Number.

Please make sure that you upload copies of your original documents where required in this section.


You can apply for a USI at:

Provide details of your previous training (i.e. Certificate III in Horticulture)

Why is this relevant to my employment?

mteSA are committed to providing equal opportunity and support diversity and inclusive practices in our workplaces.  If you require tailorisation to tasks and duties in your employment, mteSA will need information to support you. Any information provided to mteSA is private and confidential.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information.

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