mteSA - Our Objectives

The objectives of the organisations are:

1. Provide in accordance with the priorities and resources, a comprehensive support service which is administered for the alleviation and relief of hardship, suffering, adversity, impoverishment, disempowerment, and marginalisation in the Murraylands District, particularly of:

  • Unemployed people and in particular, long-term unemployed people, including youths and adults;
  • Indigenous Australians

2. Develop, support, and encourage the teaching of necessary life skills.

3. Identify, promote and disseminate information on services or activities designed for the assistance of persons identified in objective 1 above.

4. Support and encourage persons in activities whose objects are compatible with the objectives of the Association.

5. Offer counselling and encouragement to people who are in need of employment and training and in the decision making processes on issues affecting or likely to affect them.

6. Work toward the encouragement and ensure the success of employment and training for persons identified in objective 1 above, including assistance with obtaining training and preparing for interviews.

7. Help build confidence and self-esteem in persons identified in objective 1 above.

8. Encourage and promote youth intervention and prevention.

9. Do all such things necessary to the attainment of the above purposes.


Our Objectives Underpin our Mission Statement

mteSA are committed to providing excellence in all aspects of recruitment, training and employment