Our Team

At mteSA, we have team of qualified staff sharing decades of experience in recruitment, employment, training and management.    Our team is committed to the engagement of people at all levels in the community.  We use our experience to enhance the competence and capability of our apprentices and trainees in the workplace and support our Host Employers with high-quality personnel management.  



Our CEO is responsible for the development and implementation of mteSA business plans, budgets and strategies.  Tracey ensures the integrity and quality of mteSA's operations, business and value proposition.  Managing mteSA's financial and reporting mechanisms, Tracey ensures quality systems capture all relevant data required to monitor our business performance whilst managing all areas of governance.

Office Manager

Renee has worked with mteSA for 16 years and demonstrates extensive knowledge and application of the National Standards for GTO.  Renee is well adept at using current technology for innovative practices that ensure quality and compliance for all business undertakings as well providing timely and professional response to our Host Employers, employees and clients.


Field Officer

Mick has more than eleven years of employment and training industry experience. He has worked in several leadership roles within employment services before commencing with mteSA in 2012 as a Field Officer.  In his role as Field Officer, Mick has been responsible for the promotion and implementation of employment opportunities throughout the Murraylands and Regional SA.   Mick actively works with Host Employers, Job Services Australia Providers, VET Coordinators in schools, and industry stakeholders to increase real employment opportunities.

Field Officer

Nick is highly skilled at providing excellent stakeholder engagement and account management.  Collaborating with industry contacts, Nick undertakes candidate sourcing and effectively manages all recruitment and induction processes. Nick ensures consistency with current Industrial Relations requirements, supports Host Employers with performance management protocols and ensures compliance with the National Standards for GTO. Nick has a proven ability to build relationships enabling candidate placement and manages the ongoing review, monitoring and activity of employees with their Host Employers.

Field Officer


Traci has performed quality administrative duties at mteSA for 9 years and has exceptional knowledge of the National Standards for GTO, organisational process, procedure, policies and operational requirements. In addition to this, Traci is well experienced in facilitating Return to Work Coordination and liaising with industry stakeholders around apprentice and trainee administration management. Traci provides excellent quality customer service and is focused on the continual improvement of mteSA's business process.

Business Administration/ Marketing Trainee

Project Officer

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