Payroll and Timesheet FAQ's

Please read below for frequently asked questions about our mteSA timesheets and payroll.

How do I fill out my timesheet?

Please make sure your name and your Host Employers name is written clearly and that your employment status is checked (e.g., NAME _ HOST EMPLOYER NAME).

Timesheets must include: your start time; length of meal break; finish time; and total hours for each day worked (placed under the ORDINARY HOURS heading).

Overtime start time overtime finish time and hours worked needs to be written against the applicable day (placed under OVERTIME heading). 

Sick leave and annual leave hours are to be written under LEAVE heading.

If you are attending Trade School/Training or, if there is a Public Holiday -  write TRADE SCHOOL or PUBLIC HOLIDAY across the time for that day.

When do I send my timesheet?

Timesheets must be received by email to no later than 10am Wednesday.

You can also deliver your timesheet to us in the office during office hours.  If the office is closed, place the timesheet through the mail opening on the front door.

If you have any problems sending your timesheet to us, please contact the mteSA office  (08) 8531 1733.

When and how will I receive my pay?

Each Wednesday, mteSA will pay wages directly into your nominated bank, credit union or building society account.

The date and time that your pay will be accessible depends on your financial institution. Please contact the mteSA office regarding any account changes or additional accounts at

How and when will I receive my payslip? 

Payslips are generated each pay and either posted or emailed at your request. If your postal or email address change at any stage, please advise the mteSA office by completing our Change of Personal Details Form.

If I have a query regarding my pay, what should I do?

If you have any queries regarding your pay, contact our office on (08) 8531 1733 or at  *Please note that your Host Employer does not have access to this information.

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