In 2019 MT&E continued to offer Apprenticeships and Traineeships to local people in a wide range of trades and traineeships.

Our staff strive to find the right fit for the Apprentice/Trainee to the Host Employer and believe this is the reason for the high level of completions we reach.

MT&E is well known in the region for its supportive, welcoming atmosphere and the new team will continue to ensure your experience with them is a positive and memorable time for all concerned.

Please contact MT&E if you are needing or considering hiring an Apprentice or Trainee or if you are looking for an Apprenticeship of Traineeship.


Murraylands Training and Employment is a Community Based Not for Profit Group Training organization specializing in Traineeships and Apprenticeships. It is run by a board of directors comprised of local business leaders.

MT&E become the legal employer of the Apprentice/Trainee and handle the administration of all paperwork required including; Wages (Annual Leave Loading where required), PAYG Statements, the prescribed Industry Superannuation and Registered Training (e.g. TAFE) enrollment. Murraylands Training and Employment take on the responsibility of monitoring the progress and performance of the employee both on the job and off the job.

All trades and traineeships are covered and they are mirrored in local industry with the majority of graduates staying on with their host employers upon completion of their contract of training.

Established in 1997, we have qualified staff sharing decades of experience in recruitment, employment, training and management. Since 1997 MT&E have employed over 2000 apprentices, trainees and labour workers. MT&E has also attained Commonwealth Government Recognition of Standards, which means that it is recognized by State and Federal Governments for meeting the eight standards for a group training organization.


Murraylands Training and Employment are an Equal Opportunity Employer encouraging and assisting long term unemployed persons, Aboriginals and Youth at risk by offering intervention, prevention and guidance. School leavers are also encouraged to apply for positions. The organization also assists applicants prepare for job interviews.

MT&E's core role in the community is to seek and engage the above mentioned persons into employment and training as Apprentices and Trainees. A further role is to assist unemployed persons to secure Labour Hire positions.

The organization assists in cases that require an Apprentice or Trainee to undertake tutoring and mentoring to succeed in their chosen vocation. MT&E pay for all associated costs on behalf of the Apprentice or Trainee in this instance.

Should the need arise or a situation present itself whereby an Apprentice or Trainee requires the services of a Social Worker, Family Therapist or other Health worker to ensure they will be able to continue in their vocation MT&E will pay for these services.

MT&E pay for all associated training costs throughout the Apprenticeship or Traineeship. This alleviates some financial burden from the Apprentice or Trainee whose wages can be quite low at the beginning of their contracts of training.

Murraylands Training & Employment provide to the Apprentices & Trainees uniforms, safety equipment, industry standard footwear and approved First Aid Kits which are compliant with Health and Safety standards for their particular industry.

Our aim is to help build confidence, pride, self esteem and educate in life skills enabling the Apprentices, Trainees and Labour Hire personnel to feel empowered and financially secure and take their rightful place in community.


Reach Us6 Seventh St, Murray Bridge SA 5253